Health Care Plan

Gain peace of mind when you choose the health care plan offered by ABC Mobi.
We work with our parent company, 5Linx, to provide our customers with the best health care options.

E-Sure Health Care Plans

Receive reliable emergency health care with our Enhanced Care MD plan. This plan provides peace of mind and a proactive solution to the growing need for greater access to health care and reduced health costs.

This is not health insurance, but a health care solution that saves you time and money whether you are insured, uninsured, or under insured by reducing unnecessary co-pays and emergency room visits. Just contact us at our 24/7 emergency number and the nurse practitioner will assist you so you can avoid going to the emergency room. The cost for this service is $25.00 for an individual and $29.95 for families. Learn more when you visit our health care site.




For more information about this health care plan, contact us at ABC Mobi Store. We are located in Normandy, Missouri.